Green Investment Opportunities in India


The Impact Investors Council (IIC) and Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) collaborate to present a comprehensive exploration of the emerging sectors in India, offering promising investable opportunities for various forms of private capital.

This diligently curated report identifies and showcases sectors positioned for growth, supported by data-driven insights and the wisdom of industry experts. It offers a unique chronicle of sector-specific investment strategies, providing a concise and authoritative framework for structuring investment approaches in sectors at the forefront of India's sustainable growth journey.

Dive into the research findings and recommendations, tailored for specific stakeholders, across pivotal and high-impact domains such as:

  • Green Hydrogen
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Waste Management & Material Circularity
  • Climate Smart Agriculture

The report serves as a valuable guide for strategic green investments, offering a comprehensive reference for investors and stakeholders seeking to make an impactful contribution to India's green growth.


Unveiling Investment Trends in Climate Tech in India : 2022 in Retrospect

Climate Tech Investment Trends in India: A 2022 Retrospective is a comprehensive annual report by the Impact Investors Council, aided by funding from the Neev Fund. It's a deep dive into the investment landscape for climate tech startups in India during the year 2022.

This report serves three key objectives:

  • Illuminating the Investment Landscape: Our primary goal is to shed light on the investment activity within the Indian climate tech ecosystem throughout 2022. We provide a detailed analysis of sectors and trends, helping stakeholders gain a clear understanding of the dynamic climate tech landscape.
  • Deconstructing Innovative Solutions: We aim to break down and effectively communicate the landscape of innovative solutions and business models that have characterized the recent surge in climate tech activity in India. This will provide readers with insights into the less-understood facets of this ecosystem.
  • Guiding the Way Forward: Through a series of recommendations, we provide insights that can help shape the future of climate tech investments in India. These recommendations are designed to support the continued development of this critical sector.

The report is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding and contributing to the growth of climate tech startups in India.

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